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The 1912 Philosophy

At 1912 we endeavour to be known for keeping and delivering on our promises – Because, a reputation stems from our philosophy of owner-management.

The foundation of the philosophy is envisioned by the group’s founder, an entrepreneur who understand the value of treating their employees like owners so that every employee, regardless of their position, is fully empowered to make a real contribution to the group’s success

With empowerment comes commitment and accountability and this will be the cornerstone to 1912’s sustained performance. This philosophy further guides how the group’s people will need to behave to deliver the best results for customers, society, shareholders, and each other. It is currently captured in a set of promise

The power of a promise?

Your word holds your worth. You give it to your best friend, to your parents and your children. Everything you hold dear, is tied to the promises you make and the ones you keep. Integrity and accountability give one power. These are the building blocks of our group and defines the way we did business. Every achievement will be built on the back of a promise. In our world, there are no small parts. Every contribution pool to building our future success. That’s how we will achieve long-term results and performance. Today, in our evolving economy, we’re going back to our roots to a universal truth. Promises grow human potential.

1912’s promises

Be deeply invested.

Care for the business as if it were your own. Take initiative and be a leader in your own right. Put your time, passion and energy into serving our customers’ needs, knowing that you are empowered, entrusted and accountable. .

Value our differences.

Continue to build an environment that values differences, an environment where everyone’s views and contributions can be heard and seen. Stay focused on the talent and ability of those around you, and not only their similarity to you. Be inclusive, gracious, decent and humble. Listen, reflect and only then respond.

Build trust, not territory

Create a culture of sharing. Work together and build trust into all your relationships. We are team players who act for the long-term interests of the group, not self-interest or the short term. Everyone is encouraged to contribute outside their area of expertise, so we can unlock our collective wisdom and achieve the very best results. .

Always do the right thing

Question behaviours that are inconsistent with our beliefs. Fight for ethical conduct and transparency, both inside and outside FirstRand. Champion honourable behaviour and excellent service and treat your customers, colleagues and partners fairly, to build value for our communities and shareholders .

Stay curious

Believe in insight, creativity and its power to unlock value. Encourage curiosity, avoid intellectual laziness and make an effort to question the status quo, even when it is uncomfortable.

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