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1912 Holdings Group, through its portfolio of integrated IT, Disability and Restaurant services businesses, operates in South Africa. The group’s building a strong track record of delivering superior returns to shareholders and wants to achieve this through a combination of organic growth, acquisitions, innovation, and the creation of completely new businesses.

1912 aims to provide its customers with differentiated and competitive value propositions based on unique and highly flexible model of leveraging the most appropriate brand, distribution channel, licence, and operating platform available within the portfolio. This approach, will be underpinned by the disciplined allocation of financial resources and enabled by digital platforms, will allow the group to fully optimise the value of its portfolio. And thus realising a long and consistent track record of consistent growth in high quality earnings, and superior and sustainable returns for shareholders.

As per below schematic, the group’s strategic framework accommodates a broad set of growth opportunities across various industries services, product, market, segment and geographic perspective.

Fig: 1 Group strategic framework

1912 is committed to building a future of shared prosperity by enriching the lives of our customers, employees, and the societies we serve. This is our foundation to a sustainable future and will preserve the group’s enduring promise to create long-term value and superior returns for its shareholders.

IT SolutionsDisability ServicesFood & Beverages
Dynamically disintermediate technically sound technologies with compelling quality vectors and error-free communities.Provide excellent disability service with cost – effective solutions and to encourage accessibility through innovation and to show that assistive technology is not out of reach for anyone as well as to also affirm that accessibility is possible for everyone.There is no love more sincere than the love of food. We recognise this and want to share our food with our customers, shareholder and communities.

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