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1912 contract with society

The nature, size and scale of the group’s business activities will result in a broad set of financial and social outcomes:

* Youth employer:

Given this position, 1912 recognises that it has a responsibility to deliver both financial value and positive social outcomes for multiple stakeholders. Embedding the principles of shared value into strategy and operations was introduced as a strategic priority for the group at its inception.

This principle underpins the group’s view that it must intentionally use core business activities, to add value to society – profitably and at scale. The group’s total impact on society extends from the CSI, to how it manages its operations and, most importantly, how it deploys its balance sheet and core business activities.

* CSI:

Focus on sustainable development goals that do not completely align with core business activities

* Strategic allocation of limited funds


Strategically incorporate sustainable development goals that align with core business activities
* High-scale impact possible
* Ability to impact broader ecosystem and society.


Strategic management of resources used in running operations, e.g. energy and water management and procurement

* Low-scale impact possible

* Impact limited to group’s immediate value chain

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