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Investing in tomorrow.

Welcome to 1912 Holdings, a dynamic and diversified holdings company dedicated to driving growth and creating value across a spectrum of industries.

Our Industries

Our approach allows us to mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities in various industries, including IT, Disability support, Food and beverages (restaurant), clothing industry and the Arts.

Information Technology
IT Solutions - Uniqova
Disability Support Services
Disability Support Services - IAS
Food and Beverages
Food & Beverages - The Pizzaria
Music and Arts
Music and Arts - TEDI Music & Arts
Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions - Greentry Energies
frequently asked questions

How we operate

A holding company is a type of business entity that exists primarily to own and control other companies, called subsidiaries. The purpose of a holding company is to manage the ownership of its subsidiaries without directly engaging in the day-to-day operations of those businesses.

Holding companies typically do not produce goods or services themselves but rather own controlling interests in other companies that do. By owning these other companies, the holding company can exercise control over their operations, assets, and liabilities.

The advantages of a holding company structure include reduced risk, increased diversification, lower costs, and improved tax efficiency. Holding companies are often used by large corporations, wealthy individuals, and families to manage their assets and investments, as well as to provide a level of asset protection and liability shielding.

A holding company is a type of business that owns and controls a group of separate operating companies, often through the ownership of stocks or assets. The primary function of a holding company is to manage the financial and legal affairs of its subsidiaries, rather than producing goods or services itself.

On the other hand, an operating company is a business that engages in the production and sale of goods or services as its primary activity. It typically has its own management, employees, physical assets, and operations.

While a holding company may have an ownership stake in one or more operating companies, it does not typically engage directly in day-to-day operations or produce its own products or services. Instead, it exists primarily to provide strategic direction, financial oversight, and legal support for its subsidiary businesses.


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