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Group Holding Structure

Welcome to 1912 Holdings, a dynamic and diversified holdings company dedicated to driving growth and creating value across a spectrum of industries. Our strategic structure enables us to effectively manage a portfolio of businesses, each with its unique value proposition and growth potential. At 1912, we operate through a network of subsidiaries, each specializing in a specific sector or market.

 This diversified approach allows us to mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities in various industries, including IT, Disability support, Food and beverages (restaurant), clothing industry and the Arts.

Our corporate structure is designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth. We empower our subsidiaries to operate independently while providing them with the resources, expertise, and strategic guidance needed to thrive in today’s competitive market. With our emergence, and our commitment to excellence, 1912 is poised for continued growth and innovation. Join us on our journey as we continue to expand our reach and make a positive impact on the industries we serve.

Group Holding Structure

ShareholdersNumber Of SharesShares Held
Class: Preferred
Mr. Eric Mhlanga1000500
Mr. Lubabalo Tybosch300
Mrs. Clarissa Mhlanga200
Class: Ordinary2 000 00060 000
Class: Debentures600 0000
Shareholder Type: Individual
Geographic Ownership: South Africa
Total: 2 601 00061 000

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